The year I was nineteen, I started a journal with seven pages paper-clipped together at the back, where I was going to record every book I read. I started making things up after a week or two, and gave up soon after.

Here’s my second try– with some blogs, journal articles, short stories, magazines, and whatever-else-I-feel-like thrown in.

But only books count, numbers-wise. Not because they’re better: it’s just because I’m lazy.

The rules: No editing out the embarrassing stuff, no fudging numbers with books I’ve “started” or “read most of” (though re-readings are okay), updated at least weekly in 2011.



New thing to note: things that I read for work (submissions, acquisitions, research, competing titles) will be counted, but won’t get the like/dislike treatment. EXCEPT IN MY HEAD.

There might also be a lot of numbering skips, but whatever.


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  1. Meg! I didn’t realize you were blogging. Yay!

    You’re going to be so glad you did this. My mother started keeping a list when she was in her early 20s and a few years ago reached her 1,000th. She chose “Moby Dick” as her 1,000th book and hated it. But! You can learn from her lesson. Just skip “Moby Dick.”


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